Secret Witness of Shasta County, Inc.

Secret Witness of Shasta County, Inc.

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Purpose of Program

The purpose of the Secret Witness of Shasta County, Inc. is to increase citizen participation and involve the public in assisting local law enforcement agencies in solving and curbing county crime.  This purpose is achieved by providing an outlet to those citizens who wish to relay information on crimes with complete anonymity and with the possibility of receiving a reward upon arrest and conviction of the crimes.   This outlet is composed of a 24-hour, unrecorded answering service and a post office box where citizen can call or write concerning information they have on a crime.  A code number is obtained by the tipster for further identification.  Rewards and awards are offered for listed and unlisted crimes and are published in the newspapers, television stations, radio and other media forms.


About Secret Witness

Secret Witness of Shasta County, Inc. is a private non-profit organization of concerned citizens dedicated to solving crimes and improving public safety by generating information, not otherwise available, that aids law enforcement in prevention of crime, arresting, and prosecuting suspects. The identity of tipsters shall remain protected and anonymous. Qualified tipsters will be rewarded for their information.


Secret Witness of Shasta County, Inc.
Post Office Box 493204
Redding, CA  96049

(530) 243-2319
(24-hour, unrecorded answering service)


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